with the feel of 

an ancient talisman. 

About the Artist

Barbara Koppang

Oddest Goddess Art

Myths skillfully weave words to create worlds to answer the questions of life.

Like myths, I want my art to not only answer questions but to also create questions.

Stories seep and soak into my art.

Little snippets of the world and small moments of my life, traveling from memories to the art I create.

Carrying the genetic code of my Mom, I have received the artist gift that travelled through the many artist generations of her family to me.

The journey of my life and theirs has informed the art I create.

I want to sculpt tangible pieces of stories that transcend my life and touch a memory, feeling or story that we might share together. 

Barbara aka Oddest Goddess lives in a wonderful historic house in Menomonie, WI. She has room for an in home studio now! 

She loves taking daily  long walks in the local wooded cemetery.

Like the crows she sees on her walks, she picks up all kinds of interesting sticks and stones, as she explores. 

Barbara has a passion for growing vegetables, herbs & flowers, and rambling through antique  & thrift stores. 

She can often be heard talking to the deer who live in her back yard. 

Best of all, drinking a frothed hot chai is on her daily To Do list. 

My Mission

I create and share works of art that have the feel and appearance of ancient talismans.

Knowledge is a continuum. It presents in different forms throughout the ages, within oral traditions, written myths, art, song and dance.

I want my art to be a catalyst which combines those myths and the life stories of today; a catalyst that touches a commonality between us and ancient wisdom

These figures are bringing out such healing emotions…am honored and humbled to have them in my home. 

Art Collector